Why trade with us?

B2B Mode

No conflicts of interest with partners.

a) Professional training services;

b) Whole transaction technology solutions;

c) Marketing support.


Protect traders and investors’ interest

a) Audit and supervise members meet the financial requirement;

b) Develop and enforce the rules and standards to protect the interests of clients;

c) Arbitration of future-related disputes.

Funds Security Guarantee

Our business spreads all over the world

Algo FX Trade is forex broker who provides funds security guarantee to its members. In this high leveraged forex investment market, Algo FX Trade holdups the strict and responsible attitude and sets up a segregation members’ funds security guarantee system.

Abundant Liquidity

Cooperation With The World's Best Liquidity Providers

a) Algo FX Trade has partnered with best liquidity providers who can increase your order turnover up to rate of 99.99%;.99%;

b) Algo FX Trade has adopted the current popular ECN system to provide seamless, anonymous pricing channels from multiple liquidity providers and participants,with 100% order automated execution;

c) Algo FX Trade has more than 10 layers for mainstream products, which can meet the need of nearly 50 million contracts per order.

STP-ECN Trading Model

Open and Transparent

a) Algo FX Trade is the first to mention and adopt STP-ECN trading model in China. Our anonymous brokered transactions is very famous in the industry. In the management authority provisions of Algo FX Trade, the Limited License requires Algo FX Trade to be matched principal broker, that is to say, Algo FX Trade has been trading in anonymous;

b) You can access to international banks to trade directly by STP-ECN. All the orders are executed equally and automatically, which can prevent interventions from third party.

Quick Execution, Stable And Consistent

International Highest Specification Server structure

a) Algo FX Trade spent a lot on infrastructure technology. Through our powerful data center and Equinox server, it only needs 20 milliseconds for execution instruction transferred to MT server to the liquidity provider LP ;

b) Algo FX Trade enables 99.9% trade successful executed, due to our remarkable infrastructure.